Funding Dementia – Autumn Statement

The annual Autumn Statement is due to be delivered to Parliament on December 3, 2014 outlining the Governments upcoming budgetary campaigns.

In an attempt to uphold their commitments, Prime Minister, David Cameron, has announced that the statement will ‘contain a pledge of £15million’ designated to help tackle dementia.

It is proposed that this money, along with support from private, public and other charitable investment will help to fund research projects and innovative development schemes that will help to defeat dementia.

Dementia is a disease of the brain that can severely affect ones thought process and memory – most often short term and often causes confusion and character changes.

Here at Furniture For Care Homes we like to understand what the patient is going through and provide them with furniture that offers familiarity as well as functionality.

For example our Marston Dementia Bedroom Range has been specifically designed for someone with dementia. Some key features found within the range include an ‘open section’ within the wardrobe as well as ‘scoop’ style fronts to the drawer sets. These have been proven to assist users by aiding way-finding – allows them to see what is in the draw thus helping to select correctly, as well as making it easier to open – minimising confusion.

A selection of dementia friendly furniture can be found on our website HERE and we are more than happy to discuss your individual requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us at furniture for care homes on 0845 618 7738.

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Lee White