Bariatric Bed Casa Med Profiling – S/Rails

  • Three year warranty on parts
  • Four section mattress support
  • Lower leg levelling device
  • Fixed frame – robust and stable
  • Low bariatric bed option 24-64cm adjustment height

According to an HSE report, bariatric patients are at an increased risk of pressure sores caused by poor blood supply to fatty tissue resulting in skin breakdown. Furthermore, they are more likely to suffer from hip pressure ulcers due to prolonged unrelieved pressure from a side rail, wheelchair or commode, particularly in patients that have wider hips. To prevent pressure ulcers patients may need turning or repositioning which requires immense physical effort by care-givers therefore specialised equipment may be required such as a bariatric bed.

The casa med profiling bariatric bed offers integral side rails and is height adjustable, between 40 and 80cm, enabling carers and nurses to treat occupants without bending over as well as providing users with assistance between transferring in to and out of bed.

Beneficial positions, achieved electronically, include back rest, leg rest and knee brake positions, providing the user with the utmost support and comfort while reducing the risk of bed sores. In addition there is a dual action headrest and knee brake adjustment on the handset, to help reduce strain whilst profiling.


Height (adjustable) 40-80cm x Width 132cm x Length 213cm
Maximum user weight 286kg (45st)


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